Thursday, 18 December 2014

Last Christmas

Just like last year I am finding it tricky to get into the Christmas mood...with only a few days to go I'd better get my decorations up....It's not that I have not decorated at all, there are bits and pieces up around the is more that I still have not found my 'style' for this year.

Last year it looked like this, I mixed it all up a bit in the end and quite like the end result  - maybe this it what should happen again? -  just get it all out and do not worry about a certain style...:

Pink? For Christmas? 

Are you all ready and decorated yet?

Love Nicola x

p.s.  Crumbs LOVES presents - SO much fun!! Found her 'silly bum' toy in a flower bed last summer...gave me quite a shock as I had NO idea what I had just dug up.....

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