Wednesday, 28 April 2010

35 answers

1. Wo ist dein Handy ? Where is your mobile?

Not sure, in my handbag? I am not a great mobile phone user and have never known my number.

2. Dein Haar ? Your hair?

Too thin. Too straight. Like chives. And sort of brown.

3. Dein Vater Your dad?

Very dark and half Bavarian/half Black Forest

4. Deine Mutter ? Your mum?

Very blond and from Hamburg

5. Lieblingsgericht ? Favourite Food?

It might be easier to say what I don't like: beet root, 'soft' fish with bones and sea urchins

6. Mein Traum letzte Nacht ? My dream last night?

Can hardly ever remember, and when I can, it is usually complete nonsense

7. Lieblingsgetränk ? Favourite drink?

Ohhhh - Prosecco, Sekt, Champagne, Cava - anything with bubbles (but MUST be white)

8. Mein Traum/Ziel ? My dream/goal?

My own little tea shop.... where one can press ones nose against the window like a child in a sweet shop, where pretty cakes are piled high on lovely cake stands, where the tea is served from proper pots and in delicate china cups, where coffee tastes like coffee (Starbucks, yuck!) and is prepared with love, where one looks forward to coming back to, where candles are always lit and interesting magazines are ready to be looked at AND where one can find beautiful flowers and NICE interior bits and pieces too....

9. In was für einem Zimmer bist du tätig? In which room are you?


10.Hobbie's ?

House & Garden

11.Deine Angst ? Your fear?

To fall UP the stairs - NO idea why !

12.Wo willst du in 6 Jahren sein ? Where do you see yourself in 6 years time?

Next door.... (it has taken almost 2 years already...)

13.Wo hast du letzte Nacht geschlafen ? Where did you sleep last night?

On my side of the bed (I do NOT steal the duvet!!)

14.Etwas was du nicht bist ? Something you are not?

Arty - I cannot draw AT ALL, nor can I sing or whistle

15.Muffins ?

Yes, please!!

16.Merkzettel ? Notes to yourself?

I LOVE making lists! I make to-do-lists, shopping lists, planting lists, Christmas Card lists - but usually loose or forget them...

17.Wo bist du aufgewachsen ? Where were you brought up?

Hamburg (Winterhude)

18.Letztes was du getan hast ? Last thing you did?

Had a lovely cup of Earl Grey

19.Was trägst du ? What are you wearing?

Black, thin wool dress, white T and my favourite little Agnes B. silk scarf , black with white dots.

20.Mein Fernseher ? My telly?

ADDICTED to cooking programmes... (and, this is a bit embarrassing, am following Strictly Come Dancing religiously...)

21.Meine Haustier ? My pets?

We are looking for a white and fudge coloured Jack Russell...

22.Freunde ? Friends?

I am very lucky to have lovely friends, unfortunately not a lot of them live near me (what would we do without skype?)

23.Mein Leben ? My life?

I am VERY lucky, if a little in between 'stages'

24.Meine Stimmung ? My mood?


25.Vermisst du jemanden ? Do you miss anyone?

I am very lucky not to!

26.Fahrzeug ? Vehicle?

I like the little cars, had a Fiat Bambino, an old mini and a driving my boy-friends big car, it's like driving a tank through the little Suffolk country lanes (sometimes, when it gets really tight, I close my eyes..)

27 Etwas was man dich nicht tragen sieht ? Something you would not wear?


28.Mein Lieblingsshop ? My favourite shop?

OHHH, where do I start? I LOVE shopping, here a selection:

In Suffolk: Wyken Hall, Rosehip in the Country

In Hamburg: Piazza in Eppendorf

In Nice: I think I will do a post on this one, if they'll let me

On the net: Caroline Zoob, The White Company (for those practical things), Decorative Country Living

For Beauty: Bliss, Space NK

For clothes: Jigsaw, Ruby & Me and I do like Marc'o Polo in the winter

and, and, and....

29.Lieblingsfarbe ? Favourite clolour?

white, grey and pink

30.Wann hast du das letzte mal geweint ? When did you last cry?

I cannot remeber :)

31.Wann hast du das letzte mal gelacht ? When did you last laugh?

Just now :)

32.Mein bester Freund ? My best friend?


33.Ein Ort an den du immer wieder gehst ? A place you always revisit?


34.Facebook ?

Too old, not 'getting' it

35.Lieblingsplatz zum essen ? Favourite place to eat?

The kitchen


  1. Oh, wie schön, deine Blumenbilder!! :-))

    Und wie fleißig du mit den zweisprachigen Antworten warst, meine Hochachtung ;-) !

    LG Nora

  2. Nein, keinesfalls langweilst du mit Marktfotos. Die sind toll, auch die von den Blumen. So viiiiiele Fragen beantwortet, braves Mädchen.
    Liebe Grüße, Johanna

  3. Oh Nicola, deinen "little tea shop" und "tea served from proper pots and in delicate china cups" ließ mein Herz erwärmen und shoppen in Eppendorf ist einer meiner absoluten Träume, den ich noch NIE gewagt habe auszuleben. Es würde mich in den Ruin treiben und meine Börse wäre leer noch bevor ich mich aus dem Westen Hamburgs rüber in den beginnenden Osten der Stadt durchgekämpft hätte...
    Alles Gute und ganz herzallerliebste Grüße!
    A. :-)))